The Cities Eternal is an ongoing Web Serial Co-Written by two American Authors, Evan Murdoch and Ben Sousa, with creative input from J. Gillis, and published on WordPress.

The Serial follows a rotating cast of three protagonists on their lives and adventures in a world radically changed by the re-emergence of Gods, Monsters, and Magic from the mythic era. The story is divided into “Volumes” denoted by different subtitles with the first being The Cities Eternal Volume I: The Wolves of Rome. With each new book comes a change in cast and a new adventure while still referencing and following up on events from the previous book.

The serial updates on Wednesdays and Fridays, with Friday posts being “Main” chapters following one of the three rotating protagonists and the ongoing plot of the story and Wednesday posts being “side” chapters with the Point of View shifting elsewhere in the world of Cities Eternal.

For a description of the series as a whole, here’s a summary:

“In 2023, a year of strange and terrible occurrences proved merely a prelude to an event of cataclysmic proportions. They were signs of the return of the most powerful and terrible beings of Earth’s legends, and their resurgence shatters the boundaries between worlds.
When the modern era finds itself under siege from the gods and monsters of antiquity, what survivors remain must make hard decisions and unusual allies to survive in a world that grows stranger every day.”

As of 3/1/2017 the books in the series are:

The Cities Eternal Volume I: The Wolves of Rome
The Cities Eternal Volume II: Where All Roads Lead
The Cities Eternal Volume III: The Snake and the Mirror

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The Cities Eternal©2017, Evan Murdoch, Ben Sousa