Volume 3

With only one week remaining until the release of Volume 3, we’re happy to announce that we have some information for you all regarding the upcoming volume. Without further ado, the title for the newest book is The Cities Eternal Vol. III: The Snake and the Mirror.

Not only that, but we have the names of the three point-of-view protagonists that will lead the main story chapters of the new volume. Returning from the previous volumes are Catarina Aldobrandini, and Asha, alongside them will be newcomer Noemi Valente. The story will be taking a broader scope look at the world, as Catarina’s story will remain focused in Rome, but Asha’s will be centered largely in the Middle East and the new state of Babylon, while Noemi’s story takes us to the New World in Central America.

We hope those of you who read our updates will look forward to this new story, and that this new volume will bring new readers and orders of success.

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