All Caught Up

So I am happy to announce with that previous post that we are entirely caught up with the Jukepop serial. On the one hand this might be a disappointment for you more avid readers. On the other hand, since we’re not so busy updating the serial daily combined with normal updates, we might now have time for additional non-serial posts regarding the history, folklore, and mythology referenced throughout the series.

The serial here on WordPress will now follow the original schedule: Two updates a week, Wednesdays being “Side Chapters” and Fridays being “Main Chapters”. In time we also hope to update the site layout to make it easier to access archived posts. We’ll be reaching out to more blogs and serials to try and expand the audience, but we can’t do it all ourselves! If you know a person or people with a taste for magic, mythology, and fiction, let them know about The Cities Eternal!

-E. Murdoch

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