The Wolves of Rome

Excerpts from Leaflets Found in the Roman Sanctuary

These excerpts were taken from leaflets that have begun circulation throughout the Roman Sanctuary. Discussion over the use of advertisment to spread religious awareness in times of crisis is ongoing on the Roman Sanctuary Council.

The House of Mars

Rome must fight for its future, and you can be a part of it! While out valiant rangers fight in the streets to reclaim our city, we must do our part to help them. The blessing of Rome’s God of War could prove invaluable and each prayer and sacrifice could prove a turning point in reclamation efforts. Only belief and faith can provide our troops with the strength of Rome’s favored War God, look not to other houses of Love or Trickery, what Rome needs is strength for its Rangers and its future! Mars values strength, leadership, and patriotism in temple, if you think you have what it takes contact Armallo Abbadelli. We are now fully certified and approved by the Roman Council and Pontifex Nora Newstar and our numbers grow each week!

The Temple of the Owl

In these times of chaos, many souls are lost and adrift, unable to find the right path. It is wisdom and strength that will guide us into the future, and it is wisdom and strength that the Goddess Minerva brings. As Goddess of Wisdom and patron of the arts, Minerva will keep Rome grounded in its great history while securing its future through sound strategy and skillful application of force. Minerva has been revered in our city for thousands of years and it is time she was given the worship she deserves. Devotees will be blessed with wisdom and talent for their show of faith, and each new member is another step towards a bountiful future for our fair city. Those interested can contact Carla Bassaon in the Capitoline Offices. The Temple of the Owl is an approved and credited Institution by decree of the Roman Council and Pontifex Newstar.

The Lady of Love

While war threatens to tear our city apart only love can hold it together. With so many lost it can be hard to think of the future, and what better than love to rekindle that spark of life in the souls of Roman citizens and push them to new heights. Those who are lost, who are seeking, or simply need a new direction, all of these lost souls and more are welcome in the loving embrace of Venus, the Lady of Love and prosperity. If you’re looking for a fresh start, or simply looking for love, then it is the blessing of Venus that will guide you to your prosperous new future. With so many lost lovers in Rome, our numbers grow each day and you can be a part of this growing communal embrace. We are now seeking official accreditation and approval, if you’re interested in being a part of the Lady of Love, simply leave a rose with your name tied to it at the door of Carmina Di Pasqua.

The Temple of Jupiter

Look not to lesser gods to ensure your future and fortune! There is only one true Lord of Rome and one god above all others who deserves our faith! Look to Bold Jupiter, King of the Gods and Lord of Fate to ensure your prosperity and protection, why join the cults of his lesser sons and daughters when he himself goes without? The God of the Sky sees all and through his protection we can make all of Italy our home again. His symbol, the Eagle, still guides our protects our city and there is much more he can do so long as he is worshipped properly as he deserves. For those of you with interests above the petty and mundane, Lord Jupiter can offer the closest link to true divinity. First and foremost among proper Roman gods and the first of the Pantheon approved by Council mandate and the current Pontifex, the Temple of Jupiter takes all! Those interested can visit Jupiter’s Shrine, now officially open to the Public!

The House of the Sun

The oldest gods to be found in Rome and the first to gain official approval of Pontifex Maximus Newstar, the House of the Sun is the official center of Egyptian Divinity in Rome. Even in Rome, the Eye of Ra is ever watchful and the House of Osiris works tirelessly to ward off the true threat to the people of Rome and beyond, that of the monstrous dragons from beneath the Horizon. The presence of Egyptian Deities has a long history of Rome, and the Temple of Isis and Cult of Osiris have official merged into the singular House of the Sun so that devotees may unite together. Within our walls we seek the ancient truths that will aid in our survival, and beseech the mighty Egyptian Gods for power and guidance. Those interested in a united path should seek information from the goddess Kebechet, Pontifex Newstar, or one of their representatives. Together we will overcome.

Way of the One-Eyed Traveler

Not all new faiths need great temples of stone, and not all gods worth worshipping come from the Mediterranean. The world is filled to bursting with death and war, and it is wisdom that will guide us. For those who seek greatness in themselves should look to a great god familiar with a more chaotic world. Seek the way of Odin the One-Eyed, be strong and be faithful and he will reward you, be it with strength in battle, with cunning and wisdom, with skill in sorcery and with the promise of glorious afterlife. The Way of the One-Eyed Traveler seeks all those who see greatness within themselves and are willing to work and offer themselves to him. We are now seeking approval from the Council so a small shrine can be built, and every new name among our number bolsters his strength. If you strive a greater path than seek out Rudolf Gerber. The eyes of the Raven are upon you, traveler, do you have what it takes?

The Hammer and Lightning

Do not fear the monsters at our gates or beyond! For if you are strong of arm and stout of heart then the blessing of Thor, the God of Thunder, might soon be yours! If you’re a Ranger, a soldier, or simply someone with the will and strength to fight off the beasts and dragons that have encroached upon our fair Midgard then the Hammer and Lightning, the followers of Thor, seek you among their number! Even now our strong devotees go out into the unclaimed streets each night and make the city safe for all. Seek the blessings of Thor, worship him and his strength is your strength. We are a brotherhood, we fight and feast together and we stand firm side-by-side in our resolve to take back the night from monsters and earn songs about our deeds. If this sounds like the life you wish to lead, if you want to slay giants, then join us! Officially affiliated with the Way of the One-Eyed Traveler, seeking Council Approval, contact Armin Stolaff in the Rangers for more information.

The Butterfly Shroud

Liberation is from knowledge, knowledge gained from the secrets of hidden stars. The Lady of the Butterfly seeks those who desire unity, peace, and understanding of deeper parts of the world. We do not hide from darkness, we seek the knowledge hidden among the night and the shadows cast by the eclipse. Do not trust in gods who demand austere temples or fleeting mortal glory, the price of true knowledge and belief is something far richer that anyone can pay. Join us as we are reborn in new knowledge as the butterfly is reborn in its cocoon. If you are truly a believer in a purer path then do not fear to find us, we shall come to you.


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The Cities Eternal©2016, Evan Murdoch, Ben Sousa
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