The Wolves of Rome

1st Journal Entry of Dr. P. Westcroft, Practicing Metaphysicist

Journal of Dr. P. Westcroft
February 28th, 2030

It has been brought to my attention that a breakdown of events leading to our “New Age” may be useful for posterity. Given the state of human memory, and the state of the world today, I am willing to believe this is true. I will attempt to explain the facts as best as I can recall them. It is my hope that others may learn from what has happened.

A starting point is difficult to describe. The year was 2022, but the exact day and month are difficult to pin down. It is known as the Spirit Year as the number of occult, paranormal, and supernatural phenomenon multiplied far beyond the then-explainable norm. Reports of specters and spirits, inexplicable disappearances of stars in the sky, and a rising neopagan movement have blurred the line between coincidence and evidence. 

All of these took a turn for the worse, however, when the harvests in the most fertile nations began to fail, shortly followed by a virulent epidemic which ran a terrible course across the globe. The world was being pushed to its limits, but it was surviving. That was the status quo until October 23rd 2023.

One week before Samhain (All Hallows’ Eve, Halloween, the day has many names), the lights went out. Electrical appliances simultaneously ceased to function worldwide, an effect that would last nearly a month. Predictably, rioting and looting ensued. In the chaos, many noticed but few recorded the terrible nightmares all mankind was sharing, indescribable dreams of hellish noise and apocalyptic visions. Scientists, myself included, were without explanation. Three days later, when the riots and looting were well underway and the militaries of the world had been mobilized, the next terrible sign came. The stars vanished from the sky for four days, and the moon turned a shade of red only describable as the precise color of human blood.

There was a tenseness in the air, as the world waited for what was to come next. Most of us believed, rightly so, that the world was ending. We only wished to know how.

On October 31st, the doors between worlds flew open and the Primordials were unleashed.
Forty-eight hours of darkness followed. The world’s governments, spent on maintaining order and unable to communicate, were overwhelmed by hordes of nightmares. Looters and rioters found themselves ambushed in darkened streets by monsters from myth and legend.

This time frame, from the first reported Nightmare to the fall of the old world, is known today as the Days of Revelation.

Cities emptied themselves as people fled for the countryside, but there they found a changed world. The earth had reclaimed the fallow fields. Primeval forests were spreading in their ancient grounds, and they were filled with monsters and spirits irritated by these new trespassers, if not outright hostile.

It was, in many ways, the end of the world, and the full consequences of what had happened are not fully understood. Most believed it was the end of mankind, and that possibility had, for a time, been very real. We would survive, however. Humans are notoriously hard to eradicate. We would need to adapt to the new world we now openly shared with spirits, monsters, and gods, but for this, we would need help.


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